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2014 Session 3 BMX Race
January 7, 2015
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2014 Session 2 BMX Race
November 19, 2014
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2014 Session 1 BMX Race
October 9, 2014
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2013 BMX Race Session 5
April 14, 2014

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Designed and Managed by USA BMX Coaching Director Justin Travis

Racing can be serious business and we take that business seriously. Our passion is making athletes better and our facilities, staff and programming is second to no one.

Our race program is built from the ground up to personally work with each camper one on one to improve their skills, confidence and track speed so they can bring home more trophies and less excuses. Our race program is built so racers enjoy working hard and leave feeling not only accomplished but driven to continue training at home with the tools they learned at camp.  

At the end of each week not only are parents invited to return for a special parents night, but they will get a report card and a tour of the facilities with their campers and coaches so they can see for themselves exactly what their child has learned and what they need to continue to do.  



Campers have a full schedule each day that includes four and half hours of actual instruction/training mixed in with the right amount of hydration breaks, meals and rest each day.  We follow the same schedule each day so campers not only know where they need to be but so they can accurately improve on each skill daily instead of cramming it all in at once.  Please view the BMX Race Daily Schedule page for a detailed breakdown of each day your child is at camp.



BMX Racing involves many, many skills some of which can take years to develop.  While we do cover many little drills by playing games and having contests, we use the following Core Drills to achieve the best results while at camp.  These drills can be adapted to any proficiency level by utilizing higher speeds and the larger facilities avaible at our camp.

Gates - Proper form improves timing and efficiency

Sprint form - Work on follow through, posture and proper positioning

Hopping - Improves ability to pump larger objects faster

Pack Skills / Turn Drills - Work to increase confidence riding in a pack at full speed.  Our ability to change this part of your child race will be the biggest improvement you will see.

Progression Center - Used to safely learn how to jump and manual, increases confidence to approach jumps of any size at full race speed.

Pump Track - This small, tight, technical track will challenge even the best riders ability to pump fast and carve tight.  These skills transfer directly to overall track speed. 


The Race program at Ohio Dreams focuses on more than just creating tomorrow fastest riders, we are building the core of tomorrow’s leaders. Our daily lesson programs not only focus on nutrition, hydration, and training but the importance of self confidence, leadership and community values that will grow the athlete as a person who will inspire others to follow their example.

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