International level BMX Track

  • Beginner / Amateur straights
  • Pro / Elite straights
  • Timing System to track your progress

Progression Center

  • 60,000 sq foot training area featuring five sections, each carefully designed to focus and develop a specific skill.
  • This is one of the most important areas of race training

Individual sections include

  • Basic rhythm
  • Advanced rhythm
  • Progressive table top jumping section
  • Progressive double manualing / jumping section
  • Progressive step-up manualing / jumping section

Pump Track

  • Perfect your technical skills on this tight track.
  • Two quick berms built to learn carving skills
  • Covered for protection from the elements

Sprint Area

  • Uphill
  • Downhill
  • Flat

Lessons Area

  • Daily lessons are taught in our class room area

Physical Training Area

  • Push ups, sit ups, plyometrics.... training methods and proper form are taught here.

Free ride trails

  • Beginner to advanced level jump trails designed for the sole purpose of having fun and getting some air time.
  • Basic table top jumping section




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