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General Information and Registration
Val Ashcraft
Direct: 419-566-4441
9am - 6pm only

Special Events, Sponsorship and Employment
Justin Travis
Direct: 585-415-0455
9am - 6pm only

Main Office Number 
June 15 - Aug. 17 only

Ohio Dreams
3495 Tugend Rd
Butler, OH 44822

This address is recognized by all gps and maps services.  

*note there is absolutely zero ATT service within a 15 mile radius of our facility due to there being no ATT cell towers in the area.  Please be aware of this if you are using GPS on the ATT service.

Sprint and Verizon have full 3g and 4g LTE service at our facility.


Ohio Dreams is not an Open Skatepark and is only open to Registered Campers during our Summer Camp Sessions.