Scooter Summer Camp

Freestyle Scooter Program Highlight Video

The Scooter Industry - Supported by Ohio Dreams 2014 Session Team

Ohio Dreams is the only Action Sports Summer Camp to have a full Scooter Program all summer long featuring the best Pro's, Instructors, Counselors and Teams in the world.

With our huge indoor and outdoor skateparks featuring everything you could dream of from street, to vert, to rails, to concrete, you are guaranteed to have the best summer of your life and that is before you add all the bonus's like our pool, slip and fly, trampoline, camp fires, video's and fun.

Trust us One Week is just not enough time!  Register for two weeks and recieve two extra days (Saturday and Sunday) for no additional cost!

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  • Three level outdoor street park featuring; rails, stairs, ledges, concrete, banks, gaps, wall rides, mini ramps and pretty much anything you can think of.
  • 20,000sq/ft Indoor big ramp park
  • Indoor street section
  • Foam pit for learning the biggest of tricks
  • Trampoline scooter

Dakota Kota Schuetz

2 phoenix pro scooters
3 Lucky Pro Scooters
4 epic scooters
5 district scooters
6 ECX Scooters
7 The Vault Scooters
8 5Starr Scooters


Past Guest Pros 

Dakota Schuetz - Jon Aglialoro - Josh Kish - Jesse Macaluso - Cam Ward - Mike Montgomery - Hep Greg - Jon Devrind - Ryan Upchurch - Tyler Bonner - Tommy Daddano - Anthony Bustos - Andréas Laroche Joubert - James Gee - Evan Larson