BMX Race Program - Full Description

December 17, 2010

BMX Race Program - Full Description


Building the Complete Athlete


The Race program at Ohio Dreams focuses on more than just creating tomorrow fastest riders, we are building the core of tomorrow’s leaders. Our daily lesson programs not only focus on nutrition, hydration, and training but the importance of self confidence, leadership and community values that will grow the athlete as a person who will inspire others to follow their example.

Our training facilities

Inter-National level BMX tracks featuring:

  • Beginner / Amateur straights
  • Pro / Elite straights
  • Timing System to track your progress

Skills Training Area:

  • 40,000 sq foot training area featuring seven sections, each carefully designed to focus and develop a specific skill.

All sections offer:

  • UCI gate start
  • Choose to start from a gate or just focus on skills
  • Timing system to track progress

Individual sections include:

  • Basic rhythm
  • Advanced rhythm
  • Basic table top / double jumping section
  • Progressive table top jumping section
  • Progressive double manualing / jumping section
  • Progressive step-up manualing / jumping section
  • Berms course / pump track

Free ride trails:

  • Beginner to advanced level jump trails designed for the sole purpose of having fun and getting some air time.

Weekly program

  • 5 to 1 camper to counselor ratio
  • Dedicated instructional / training time
  • Free ride time in which riders are encouraged to have fun and challenge each other
  • Use of other facilities at Ohio Dreams Complex

Skills focused on:


  • Balancing / Basic gate start
  • General pumping
  • General manualing
  • General jumping / safety / landing
  • Basic turn skills / when to pass


  • Gate start including pedaling over objects
  • Advanced pumping / pulling for jumps
  • Pull manualing
  • Advanced jumping for height and distance
  • Basic passing skills


  • How to train for a better start
  • Advanced manualing including pull manualing and nose manualing
  • Advanced jumping including pro jumps, bump jumping, tap manual and nose taps
  • Advanced turn skills / passing

Our Trainers
The Racing program at Ohio Dreams has been carefully developed by our head racing instructors who have traveled around the country teaching clinics and camps and developing the best programs available. Our instructors are some of the few instructors in the country who have the unique experience of teaching literally thousands of clinics and camps and working with riders of all ages and skill levels.

Our instruction is based on the teaching method:

  • Explain; what we are doing, why we are doing it and how to do it
  • Demonstrate; the specific skill
  • Perform – Feedback cycle; riders attempt the skill; instructors provide feedback and tips and riders continue to work on the skill

Campers will take home...

  • Faster lap times
  • Knowledge needed to continue to advance their skills
  • Confidence to try new skills
  • A basic program designed to help a rider continue to improve and get faster
  • Camp memories that will last a life time


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