District Spring Scooter Jam Results

April 14, 2014

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First off we would like to thank all of the amazing sponsors that made this happen, without them such a great contest would never have happened.  Please be sure to show them the support and loyalty they showed you this weekend.  Even if you couldn't make it to the contest, these companies are supporting the industry and making it possible to keep growing such a great sport.

Also we would like to thank the ISA, Dave Ward, Announcer Jake "the hype" Hershey and our Judges Dom Marconi, Matt Dibble, Tyler and their +1.  (We never knew his name as he was a ride along for the fun with the judges and they only would introduce him as +1, so to whoever you are, here's a shout out.

Finally we want to thank all of the competitors and parents for making the trek to spend your weekend with us.  We did our best to accomodate everybody like family, took notes on things we can do to improve and can't wait to have a bigger, better Spring Jam next year!

Below are the results for pro's and amateurs and the raw footage of the Top 3 Pro runs and then a video of the rest of the pro field. Coming soon will be the Amatuer runs and a highlight video of the comp so be sure to check back later this week.




 Final Results - Pro     
      Best Run
OrdNameHometownAgeRun 1Run 2Final Score
1Cam WardCorona1766.6779.3379.33
2Bransyn SmithChino Hills1775.6762.6775.67
3Justin  PhillipsToms River1870.0072.6772.67
4Elajwon EsperanceKearny1566.0070.0070.00
5Jonmarco Gaydos0069.6768.0069.67
6Ryan KingsleyToms River1567.0062.3367.00
7Jon CrossWestlake1649.6765.3365.33
8Bobby RivasLas Vegas1764.3360.6764.33
9Jason SalajcikBrook Park1652.6763.3363.33
10Dennis  EspositoLong Island1652.3362.0062.00
11Sean PierceBrick1561.3355.6761.33
12Brendon Jones0041.3359.3359.33
13Shaun  StaepelCorona1855.6759.0059.00
14Jordie RobinsonTowson1951.0059.0059.00
15Kelly ZmijewskiSouthgate2253.6758.3358.33
16Brody McMasterTowson1853.6752.0053.67
17Kyle TolentinoToms River1852.670.0052.67


 Final Results - 16+ Advanced     
      Best Run
OrdNameHometownAgeRun 1Run 2Final Score
1Brandon Jones0060.6761.0061.00
2TJ  DetkowskiClarkston, MI1650.3344.0050.33
3Arnold LeoneBrick, OH2035.6746.0046.00
4Cameron MuellerCommerce, MI1721.6724.6724.67


 Final Results - 11-15 Advanced     
      Best Run
OrdNameHometownAgeRun 1Run 2Final Score
1Jon Marco GaydosBrick, NJ1163.0054.6763.00
2Ryland  Smith0047.0051.3351.33
3Colin DuboisSandusky, OH1240.6741.6741.67


 Final Results - 11-15 Intermediate     
      Best Run
OrdNameHometownAgeRun 1Run 2Final Score
1Spencer RaschkeDavisburg, MI1534.3335.3335.33
2Will KenneyBay Village, OH1431.0032.3332.33
3Tyler MintonWaterford, MI1432.3323.0032.33
4Ralph SpinelliBay Village, OH1431.3329.3331.33
5Travis RidingsTrenton, MI1530.0027.0030.00
6Andrew NicklessHolt, MI1329.6720.6729.67
7Jake  AndersonSelinisgrove,OH1522.6728.0028.00
8Mark  OlsonClevland, OH1426.0017.0026.00
9Carson MIllerLake Orion, MI1418.6726.0026.00
10Edward NetzelParma, OH1421.0018.6721.00
11Brendan  GabbardGarden City, MI1318.0019.0019.00
12Cameron MillerLake Orion, MI1218.3319.0019.00
13Zach DotsonParma, OH1415.6711.3315.67
14Justin WaltersParma, OH1411.6714.3314.33
15Sabastian NunnallySouthgate, MI1411.6712.0012.00
16Ryan WarnerBellville, OH108.679.679.67
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