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June 24, 2015

Our media team is rocking this year and they were able to bring back the Ohio Dreams Featured Camper Blog.

Be sure to check it out and see if you (or your child) has an interview on the blog.

Below is the latest entry.  Click here for more.


Name: Oli
Age: 13
Country: Australia
Why did you decide to come to Ohio Dreams?: "To have fun and practice my skills!"
How long have you been racing?: 7 years
What would you like to learn while at Ohio Dreams?: "I would like to get faster lap times, more power on the track, and learn flairs in the park."
What's your favorite part of racing?: "Traveling and getting to ride different tracks."
What's your favorite track at Ohio Dreams?: The bmx track
What's your favorite part of Ohio Dreams?: The staff
Who's your favorite staff member?: Andy and Phealan
What bike do you ride?: Crupi
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