Florida Bus Itinerary

July 15, 2015

Hello Parents and Campers,

Thank you for sending your child to Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp this summer. Your children are in great hands and will have the best summer camp experience of their lives (until their trip next year of course.)  In this letter you will find all the details you need to know about your child’s trip to Ohio Dreams this weekend.

Camp Bank Accounts
Camp bank accounts are set up by parents as we have a ‘no cash policy’ at Ohio Dreams, this keeps money from being lost by campers.  Campers spend money on items such as T-Shirts, minor bike parts that can break (cables, tubes, etc.) and snacks and drinks from the canteen.  The average amount of spending money sent with campers is $50 - $75. You can use your account to put money in the camp store by clicking on the following link, logging in and clicking the shopping cart icon:  https://www.ultracamp.com/clientlogin.aspx?idCamp=326

Medical Details
Please download and fill out the Ohio Dreams Camper Information and Medical Formsand bring them with you at check in.  If your child needs daily medications please bring these with you in a ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name and check them in with your medical paper work.  DO NOT send medication with your child, ALL medication must be checked in with Ohio Dreams Staff at the bus.

Packing Details
Each camper is allowed
1 Bike box/bag
1 checked bag
1 carry on (small to medium sized backpack)
1 Scooter

Due to limited space each camper is only allowed to bring ONE (1) bike with them.  The bike must be broken down as if it were to travel on an airplane.  If you have a flight bag that you normally use for your bike please pack it in this bag, if not you can obtain a bike box from your local bike shop.  If your bike is packed in a box the dimensions of the box must not be larger than;

21 inches tall X 46 inches long X 8 inches wide.  Please keep all flight bags under these dimensions as well.

There is not a luggage weight limit on the bus so please pack as much bedding and gear into your bike box as possible as long as it does not exceed the above dimensions.  Please pack the minimum required as space is tight and we want a comfortable ride on the bus.

Please bring BOTH Clip and Platform style pedals to ride on as we do many bike control drills on Platform pedals and most track work on Clip pedals.  If you do not yet ride with clips do not worry about bringing them.  Also you may bring your own extra tubes and cables if they will fit into your luggage.

Feel free to pack essential tools in your child’s gear bag (label all items) upon arrival at camp our staff will help get all bikes assembled and then help to re-pack all bikes for the return trip. PLEASE LABEL ALL BIKE BOXES AND BAGS

Pick up Location
JR Bicycles
7000 Bryan Dairy Rd STE B1
Seminole, FL 33777
This is in the greater St. Petersburg area.

Bus Itinerary
J&R Bicycles will getting pizza for all of the Ohio Dreams Campers at their shop during check in!  Be sure to arrive early and grab a bite to eat.

Cell Phone and Electronics Policy
Due to safety concerns and the well-being of all Ohio Dreams Campers, Ohio Dreams does not allow cell phones, tablets or anything that may contain or transmit inappropriate content, including music.  (The parent of a 9 year old probably does not want their camper exposed to music that a 15 year old may be listening too on their device)

Ohio Dreams and it’s staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items of any kind, including electronics.  

Please DO NOT send cell phones or electronics with your children on the bus.  Please respect our policies and do not ask your child to take a cell phone and hide it from us, as this only promotes the behavior that we are trying to prevent to protect your children.  

Justin’s cell phone will be on the entire time of the bus ride.  His number is 585-415-0455.  There is a land line at camp that campers can use to call home.  You may call that number during normal camp hours at 419-883-3495

Campers may bring GoPro style cameras and must check them in with Justin at the bus.  Campers will be able to check these cameras in and out of the office during the day to film themselves while riding.  Cameras must be turned in each day and are not allowed at the dorms.

The bus company recommends stopping at McDonalds for meals as they are best equipped to handle large bus's and will greatly aid in speeding up our meal stops. McDonalds offers many healthy alternatives such as grilled chicken salads/sandwiches, oatmeal, yogurts etc. Campers will be eating 4 meals on the bus, plus an evening stop for snacks the first night, these meals are not provided by Ohio Dreams, please send $20 - $50 with your child to be used for these meals.

Bus drivers are required to stop for 15 min breaks every 3 hours, during daylight campers will be able to get out for a fast stretch, during night hours campers will not be allowed off the bus. (The bus is equipped with its own bathroom.)

We will be playing movies on the bus; all movies will be rated PG13 or lower, if you have any questions regarding this please let us know.

JR Bicycles to Ohio Dreams (July 18 - 19)
Meet at J&R Bicycles Parking Lot: 3:00 - 5:00pm, July 18
Depart J&R Bicycles: 6:00pm, July 18
Arrive at McDonalds Tifton, GA: 10:30pm, July 18
Depart McDonalds Tifton, GA: 11:30pm, July 18
Breakfast McDonalds: 8:00am, July 19
Depart McDonalds: 9:00am, July 19
Lunch McDonalds:  2:00pm, July 19
Arrive Ohio Dreams: 3:00pm, July 19  

Ohio Dreams to JR Bicycles (July 25 - 26)
Depart Ohio Dreams: 1:00pm, July 25
Dinner (based on travel)
Breakfast (based on travel)
Arrive J&R Bicycles: 10:00am - 12:00pm, July 26

Bus Chaperones
Justin Travis - Ohio Dreams Camp Director  

Contact Information

Registration: Val Ashcraft. ph. (419) 566-4441 email. val@ohiodreams.com

General: Justin Travis. ph. (585) 415-0455 email. justin@ohiodreams.com

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