Parent Involvement


We believe that parental involvement is paramount to a great camp experience, not only for the camper but for you (the parent) as well. We never want to be a camp that 'hides' campers from their parents and then hope a camper gives a good review after they have been picked up. Our program is designed to simultaneously integrate parents and make them feel comfortable leaving their children with us, all while giving campers a little bit of that "parent free time" they are looking for so they are able to focus on learning new skills and meeting new friends.


Remember, parent involvement starts before your child ever reaches camp. If your child is young or has the potential to be homesick, be sure to talk a lot about how much fun they will have at camp and be careful not say "I will miss you" because this can sometimes trigger guilt in a young child that them going away to camp will cause you distress. If your child is older, be sure to discuss specific goals they might have and different behaviors that are appropriate for a mixed age summer camp.


Pulling into Ohio Dreams for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, which is why upon parking, you will be greeted personally by the owners and camp directors right in the parking lot who will then point you in the right direction.  

Depending on how many people have arrived ahead of you, you will be directed to either the main registration office or to your sport station where you will get to meet each of your childs coaches who will guide you in unloading and filling out sport specific goal sheets (report cards) for each sport.

After checking in at your sport station and at main registration, you will be directed to our dorms where you will meet you child's counselors and help them unload and prepare their sleeping area. Once they are unloaded, you will be able to give them your final good byes until either Friday night or Saturday Morning. Don't worry Mom, your child is in good care.


Parents are invited to camp for the festivities on Friday Night!  Starting at 6:00pm parents can arrive for what will sure to be a fun time. Also between 6:00pm-6:30pm you may request an early check out if you have a long drive home. At 6:30, we will break into our sport groups and parents will be given tours with their child and instructors so campers can showcase what they have learned throughout the week and parents can see the results of the goal sheets.

At 8:00pm the fun moves to the camp stage with our weekly camper awards given out by the staff. The awards are personal, fun, and are designed to be hung on a bedroom wall to keep campers motivated to keep trying hard. After the regular awards are given out, the Top Gun awards are given to 3 campers from each sport who completed the most challenges on our camp challenge boards. Top Gun campers can come back for special Top Gun weeks during the same camp year for half price.

After our Camper Awards, we have a special treat for campers as many will watch while the winning team from each week of evening events gets to "Pie" their favorite staff before we all say goodbye and head back to the cabins for the final night and our traditional camp fire. 

If you are unable to make it Friday night, you will still have the opportunity to speak with your child's coach regarding their performance and evaluation cards on Saturday morning.


Pick up from camp is 9:00am, campers will pack their belongings in the dorms and have a quick breakfast before coming down to the sports side to meet you. Here we ask that after you check out, you help your camper to pack all items to be sure that nothing is left behind.  

If you were unable to attend parents night, this is a great time to head over to your child's coach (coaches will be in the same area as when you dropped off) and discuss their evaluation cards.

Once all of their sporting equipment is packed up, you may head over to the dorms and pack up their clothes and sleeping gear.  

Finally, enjoy your ride home as the stories of excitement will quickly lead to snoring in the back seat from a long week of good times and better training.

See you this summer!

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