Snowboard Summer Camp

Snowboard Summer Camp


No Snow. No Problem.

The program and facilities at Ohio Dreams are perfect to learn new skills, increase balance, and work on the ever important aerial awareness.  

The instructors at Ohio Dreams are trained to work with every level of athletes from beginner to the most advanced. Through our scheduled instruction periods, we are able to help you keep your skills fresh until winter comes again.


Snowboarding is a very unique sport, it is one of the few sports (skateboarding is another one) where your shoulders are not square to the direction of travel. This makes many spins and flips difficult because your body naturally tries to return to a "facing front" position. We spend much of our time strapped into trampoline boards training our bodies to stay in the proper positions for better take offs, tricks and landings.  After the trampoline, we take our tricks to the water ramps and spend our freetime on the jib hill and getting in some skateboarding. 

Snowboarders should be experienced with jumps and have at least 2 full years of snowboarding experience to attempt the use of the Water Ramps

Required Items – Snowboards (don’t bring  your new equipment), boots , Lifejacket, Helmet

  • It is recommended to bring additional equipment (skateboards, scooters, etc.) for use during free time

Snowboarding is offered Sessions 2-3

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