BMX Race Training Camp

BMX Race Training Camp



The Best in the Business

Why is Ohio Dreams the best option for BMX Summer Training Camps?

  • Your camper is never "just a number."
  • Other camps have combined registrations of over 1000 campers per week. 
  • Our combined registration is maximum 120 campers per week.  (About 25 racers)
  • We have a 5 to 1 camper to instructor/staff ratio.
  • You will meet the owners, the instructors, and the counselors at check in.
  • You will sit down with your child's instructor and help create an individualized plan and goals.
  • Our race camp is structured and follows a schedule where campers are always under direct supervision.
  • Our lodging and cafeteria facilities are so clean, beautiful, and up-to-date they are used as wedding venues in the off season.

At Ohio Dreams your family becomes our family.


Designed and Managed by USA BMX Coaching Director Justin Travis

Justin has been coaching BMX Racing for 15 years.  Starting out "On Tour" with the legendary Stile Industries Summer Tours featuring the famous Battle Van and Limo, Justin went on to become a successful Track Operator at a top 10 track by developing mentorship programs for new riders and later working at the NBL and now at USA BMX as the Director of Coaching Education.  

Justin designed and manages the USA BMX coaching certification and new riders programs.  His energy is contagious and his motivation keeps us all going. His knowledge of BMX Racing and his ability to inspire confidence in riders of all skill levels is why he is simply one of the best coaches to work with our campers.  

Justin is a father to a 9 year old daughter, has been a pre-school teacher, and currently coaches Skydiving and Snowboarding in the off-camp Season.

Racing can be serious business and we take that business seriously. Our passion is making athletes better and our facilities, staff and programming is second to no one.

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Our race program is built from the ground up to personally work with each camper one-on-one to improve their skills, confidence, and track speed so they can bring home more trophies and less excuses. Our race program is built so racers enjoy working hard and leave feeling not only accomplished, but driven to continue training at home with the tools they learned at camp.  

At the end of each week, not only are parents invited to return for a special parents night, but they will get a report card and a tour of the facilities with their campers and coaches so they can see for themselves exactly what their child has learned, and what they can continue to do for training.



Campers have a full schedule each day that includes four and half hours of actual instruction/training mixed in with the right amount of hydration breaks, meals, and rest each day. We follow the same schedule each day so campers not only know where they need to be but so they can accurately improve on each skill daily instead of cramming it all in at once.  Please view the BMX Race Daily Schedule page for a detailed breakdown of each day your child is at camp. 


The Race program at Ohio Dreams focuses on more than just creating tomorrow's fastest riders, we are building the core of tomorrow’s leaders. Our daily lesson programs not only focus on nutrition, hydration, and training, but the importance of self-confidence, leadership, and community values that will grow the athlete as a person who will inspire others to follow their example.

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We are parents too, and we want to see your campers succeed just as much as you want too. The best part about BMX camp is that we already race because we think it's fun, so the fun is naturally built in and we can focus on the work part, the repetitive part, the part that hones our skills, builds our confidence, and makes us better racers.  







8:30Class - GoalsClass - HydrationClass - NutritionClass - TrainingClass - Leadership
9:00Warm UpWarm UpWarm UpWarm UpWarm Up
9:30Gate Time/Hop Drills / Open TrackSprint/Hop Drills /Open TrackGate /Hop Drills/ Open TrackSprint/Hop Drills/ Open TrackGate Time/Open Track/Hop Drills
10:30Snack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink Break
11:00Pack / Turn DrillsPack / Turn DrillsPack / Turn DrillsPack / Turn DrillsPack / Turn Drills
1:00Rest / NapRest / NapRest / NapRest / NapRest / Nap
2:00Slip N Fly / PoolSlip N Fly / PoolSlip N Fly / PoolSlip N Fly / PoolSlip N Fly / Pool
3:00Progression Center Jump/Manual Assess.Progressio Center Jump/ManualProgression Center Jump/ManualProgression Center Jump/ManualProgression Center Jump/Manual
4:00Snack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink BreakSnack/Drink Break
4:30Pump Track TimePump TrackFitness ProgramPump TrackPump Track Time
6:30Free Time / SX HillFree Time / SX HillFree Time/SX HillFree Time / SX HillFree Time / SX Hill
8:00Eve. ActivityEve. ActivityEve. ActivityEve. ActivityEve. Activity
10:00Lights OutLights OutLights OutLights OutLights Out




BMX Track 

The center focus of our program. The BMX Track features 4 fast, downhill Amatuer Straights, a Pro Straight, a Gate Timing system, a covered lessons area and paved berms and a water proof surface that minimizes weather delays.


Progression center 

A 1000' long training area featuring five sections, each carefully designed to focus and develop a specific skill.  The Progression center allows us to take away variables, add confidence and focus on the repetition of a variety of skills for many days at a time so campers are able to make vast improvements in a short time frame.

Individual sections include: 
Basic rhythm, Advanced rhythm, Progressive table top jumping section, Progressive doubles section, Progressive step-ups section.


Pump Track 

This covered track is utilized to perfect your technical skills.  With two very quick berms and many rollers of varying sizes packed into a tight area, your skills are tested and your laps are timed, requiring riders to be aggressive and think ahead of their location.  


sprint area 

We utilize photosensitive timers to teach riders how proper sprint form and body positioning can lower your 60' times in just a matter of days.


class room 

Each day is started off with a daily classroom lesson on one of five topics; Goal Setting, Hydration, Nutrition, Basic Training Science and Leadership Values.


  Adventure Camp Activities
  Rock Wall Teaser
  Mountain Bike and Ninja Warrior Sneak Peek



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