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June 17, 2013


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2013 Session 1
Good Afternoon Campers and Parents,


Last week we sent an email with important information regarding check in.  We have added a few updates and additional reminders that will help keep check in smooth.


If you did not receive the first Registered Camper Email that we sent out last week, you can view it on our website here.


Updates and Additions

Camp Drop off is 3:00pm - 5:00pm on Sundays.  The gates will open at 3:00pm.


Need Directions:  Our address is correctly placed on all maps and gps devices.  Our address is 3495 Tugend Rd, Butler, OH 44822.  Office Phone 419-883-3495




Safety Equipment

Helmets, Knee and Elbow pads are MANDATORY at Ohio Dreams. It is best to bring these items to camp with you as even though we do sell some in our camp store, we sometimes can run out of stock of popular items and sizes.  A decent set can usually be picked up at your local discount store. 



  • To better help us prepare for your campers stay-please send me an email at if your camper will be taking any Prescription Medications while at camp. Please include the name, dosage amount and times.
  • All Prescription and over the counter medications need to be clearly labeled with your campers name and turned in to the camp nurse.
  • This includes any over the counter/non-prescription medications as campers are not permitted to keep these items in the dorms (including vitamins). You will visit the camp nurse directly after you check in.
  • Our camp nurse will go over dosage information for any medications.
Food Allergies
Please email Val at with any restrictions/food allergies that you camper may have ASAP so we can alert our foodservice and make any necessary arrangements. A copy of our camp menu is attached to this email for your convenience.


Arrival at Camp

  • Our gate will not be open until 3:00 PM
  • If you need to make arrangements for early drop off, you must contact me at  7 days prior to your stay to make arrangements. Early drop off fees will be assessed. 

Please Bring to Check In

  • Medical forms and any medications.
  • You will take your camper to the dorms after you check in at the office, you do not need to bring clothing, bedding and toiletries in to check in.

Campers are not permitted to bring in any Food or beverage items. (Re-fillable WATER BOTTLES are permitted)


Campers are not permitted to carry cash at camp.


When and Where do I pick my Camper Up?

  • Check out is Saturday at 9am
  • Campers will meet parents at the Main Office to pick up all their equipment at 9AM
  • Parents will then need to go to the dorms to pick up your campers bedding and clothing.
  • Please make sure your camper has all of their belongings! There is a $20.00 fee plus shipping for any items you request we mail back to you.
  • A parent will need to come into the office to sign campers out, unless other arrangements have been made. If your camper will be leaving with someone other than a parent this needs to be noted at check in.
  • If you need to make arrangements for early pick up, please contact our office at 419-883-3495  


      While this may seem like a lot of rules and regulations concerning check-in and check-out  - trust us this will make your child's camping experience and yours much more enjoyable.   We want a great training experience for your child and most of all we want them to have fun and be safe.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office 419-883-3495-this number is also our camper contact line that you can use to reach your camper while they are at camp.


We look forward to meeting you!


Val Ashcraft



Valeria Ashcraft

Camp Registration Director

Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp

Phone: 419-566-4441




Camp Store Information and Instructions for Online Deposits

The second change was made to our camp store (canteen) bank account system.  This system is now all automated through our camp registration software, allowing you to add money with your credit card and even track your campers purchases while they are at camp.  You may add money as needed and any remaining balance is refunded directly back to your credit card at the end of each session.


camp bank account
"e store" shopping cart location

To add money to your child's camp bank account

(we recommend $75-$100 for t-shirts, snacks, etc.) 


Log into the camp account you created when you registered your child.  (If you do not have this information please email ASAP. As this is the same place you make your final payments.


When logged in look in the upper left hand corner for the "e store" shopping cart icon.  Click on the cart and follow the directions on the screen to add money to your campers account.  On the final screens you will also have the option to make your final balance payments as well.


Camper Forms

To help speed up check in please have all camper forms filled out before arrival.  When you registered these forms were included in your original email confirmation, if you are unable to locate these forms you can find them on our website here:  Registered Camper Information


Please remember, campers personal valuables and electronics are not allowed at Ohio Dreams.  This includes, cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, etc.  If they are found they will be turned into the office until departure and then returned to campers parents only.




Contact Information

Justin Travis
Program Director
Phone: 585-415-0455

Ohio Dreams
3495 Tugend Rd
Butler, OH 44822
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