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November 14, 2013

I’m here to walk you through a Fontside Boardslide (“front boards”). The trick is fairly simple, but is open to catching or slipping.  Start on a low ledge until you are comfortable with your balance on the scooter before moving onto a street ledge.

STEP 1: Pick Your Rail or Ledge

Pick the ledge or rail you want to hit. The steps apply to both, but I learned first on a rail. Learning a trick first on a rail is a bit easier because you slide better and won’t catch random cracks you find on street ledges.


STEP 2: Master a Backside Boardslide

Make sure you have your Backside Boardslides down. Check out the video below for “How to: Backside Bordslide” for the trick breakdown. 

STEP 3: The Approach

Come at the rail at a slight angle, pop up turn your body ninety degrees while making sure you’re on top of the rail or ledge. If you’re only grinding the edge hop higher to get on top of it, this will save you from some falls later on.


STEP 4: Find Your Balance

 At this point you have the feeling of the rail, try and come faster at it, hop, turn at an angle, and land on top of the rail, if you can do this with confidence you have Front Boards.


STEP 5: Practice Till Perfect

Now it’s all practice, do this trick over and over again, learning whips out, 270’s and other good combos. With this trick balance will come over time so just keep pushing at it and next thing you know you’ll be hitting ten foot long rails with ease.


This post was written by Casey DeHaven, Pro Team Rider, Team Manager and Pro Scooter Community Development at Gryndo Scooters

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