Meet the Staff


We understand that you are trusting us with your family, so we want you to meet ours. Please take a few minutes to learn about each of our core staff members so you can put a face to the phone conversations and be able to find us more easily during check in.


Chris Ashcraft
Chris is the owner and CEO of Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp. He has a quick message to you about our camp.


Justin Travis
Justin brings over 10 years of coaching program design experience to Ohio Dreams. Starting with the BMX Race Program back in 2009, we have been upgrading our programs, coaches, training, and parent involvement every year.


Val Ashcraft
Val is 100% Mom and she treats each camper as if they were her own kids. Heck, she treats the staff as if they were her kids as well. She practices what she preaches because her kids are safe at camp and they are tucked in right next to yours. 


Pam Ashcraft
Pam is our camp RN. With a background in Trauma and Intensive care and 30 years as a First Responder on Ski Patrol, there is not a more qualified person to handle our RN needs. 


Taylor Long
Taylor keeps us all sane by doing all of the little behind the scenes things that keep Ohio Dreams running like a well, oiled machine during summer camp. She is also the raddest chick you will ever meet! A Licensed skydiver, snowboarder, and rockclimber, most of our athletes have a hard time keeping up with her.


Ben Bryson
Spending most of his teenage years here, Ben has been with Ohio Dreams now for 4 years. He has been instrumental in the success of the BMX Race program because his experience allows him to be mature beyond his years, yet he is still able to connect with the kids on a fun level.



Brendan Trieb
Brendan is not just another Camper-turned-staff, he is an original camper from the very first year and has been with us ever since. In the winter, Brendan lives in Salt Lake City, UT where he ski's big mountains and advises people from all over on the benefits of Maple Syrup. 



Seasonal/Part TimeStaff

We take pride in providing the best possible experience for campers and parents alike. All of our staff completes background checks, First Aid Training, and Ohio Dreams Leadership Training before ever working with campers. You can be rest assured that your children are not only going to have the time of their lives with some great mentors, leaders, and coaches, but they will be safe as well. 

If you are interested in working with us this summer.  Please visit our Employment Page 



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